Policy Advocacy

National Association of Rural Municipalities in Nepal (NARMIN) was established with the main aims of policy advocacy, capacity building and Strengthening Networks of RMs. It is an umbrella organization to represent and provide support to Nepal’s 460 Rural Municipalities in Nepal.

According to its Charter (NARMIN Bidhan, 2074), the core mandates of NARMIN are:

  • Policy lobby advocacy for democratic, inclusive, autonomous and functional local governments accountable to the people,
  • Address Policy environment supportive to local government and interest of RMs effectively,
  • Development as per the principle of multiparty democracy, decentralization and autonomous governance,
  • Coordination and sharing of experiences, best practices among RMs for the overall development of rural communities,
  • Strengthening and mobilization of all RMs for timely, effective, efficient and quality services to general populace in a transparent and accountable manner.
  • Represent in various GoN’s commission for policy advocacy and ensure benefit to local people.

Capacity Building of Local Governments

  • Protection and expansion of rights and interests of Local government (RMs),
  • Coordination and sharing of experiences, best practices among RMs for the overall development of rural communities,
  • Mobilization of resources for RMs and provide necessary skill oriented and capacity development training for them,
  • Technical support for preparation of periodic Rural Municipalities profiles and orient RMs official and stakeholders,
  • Orient RMs representatives, official, LSP, Political party, civic society and stakeholders on different local government sectors,
  • Publication of resource material strengthening federalism and local governance, quarterly magazine on con current issues.

 Strengthening Networks

  • NARMIN has been able to establish itself, both nationally and internationally, as a reputable representative organization of RMs and has founded itself as a partner organization in decentralization reform process in Nepal.
  • Currently NARMIN has representing as an umbrella organization 460 rural municipalities in Nepal.
  • To empower RMs by representing and promoting their interests and strengthening their institutional capacity for strengthening local government and effective service delivery to the people.
  • Platform for raising and exchanging RMs issues and problems.