Organization Structure

NARMIN’s organizational structure has two levels; political structure and professional structure.

Political Structure

This structure has National Convention, Central Council, Central Executive Committee and Provincial Chapters. The Executive Committee, which is the main implementing body of NARMIN, is elected through a National Convention. A Central Working Committee, comprising of eleven members of the Executive Committee, acts as the deciding body for day to day activities that the Secretariat personnel carry out.

Professional Structure

Professional Structure: The NARMIN secretariat forms the professional structure of the organization. It is led by the Executive Director, and has various departments. At present the sections actively working at NARMIN are: Program Planning, Administration and Finance, Information and Advocacy that have horizontal linkages between them. All units report to the Executive Director, who in turn is accountable to the Political Board.

 Financial Source

The main income source of NARMIN is membership fees from Rural Municipalities. Provincial chapters collect annual membership fees from respective members of which 50% of the collected amount is gathered in the fund of Central Executive Committee. NARMIN secretariat also mobilizes external funding support on periodic program basis. It conducts several programs that are supported by donor agencies in its working area of local government.