National Association of Rural Municipalities in Nepal (NARMIN) (which was established as National Association of village development committee in Nepal (NAVIN) in the year 1995 as an association of 3157 VDCs under National Directive Act 1961) is now an umbrella organization of 460 rural municipalities in Nepal. The government formally embraced federal setup by dissolving different bodies, Like Village Development Committees, Municipalities, District, Zonal and Regional levels. Those 3912 VDCs were replaced by 460 Rural Municipalities as a new local government. By embracing all these changes in the structure of the government, the name of this organization also changed to NARMIN by the National Convention of NARMIN held on 31stMarch to 2nd April 2018. It is a representative organization of rural local elected leader. NARMIN has successfully established itself as a credible organization in strengthening local governance process in Nepal. According to the NARMIN Constitution, the core mandates are defined as:

  • Protection and expansion of RMs rights and interests.
  • Sharing of knowledge and experiences among RMs for the overall development of rural communities
  • Organizational development and institutional strengthening of RMs for effective public service delivery